You can wake up now

The world has changed and whether the waves of technology have splashed against the ship is of no consequence to the result. The storm has brewed and no power that exists can stop the storm. That is the nature of constructive emergent events. We don't know how they become because they are too complex in their interaction and we have no way to stop them once started. It is much like seeing a hurricane of change and telling everybody it is making landfall soon. Who would listen? I guess I don't care, I didn't create it, I don't know how it operates and I certainly can't stop it. I can only ride the wild surf and hope there aren't too many rocks if I wipe out.

I happened on this reference to HTML DOM at Wikipedia and it is very complete and well structured. Also it seems very readable.

Another odd thing I discovered in my rather unorthodox investigative techniques is that water has some characteristics of life. I don't mean life grows in water, I mean that water has some emergent behavior which is very life like. It is almost as if life forms and dissolves within it in a matter of instants as it moves. There is very good reason that life , DNA and water are kin.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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