Dr Who and regeneration

Lesson 40 at NeHe has to do with a wiggly wavy string and I am modifying it to use matrix calculations of linear equations to produce something else, but this is by itself very entertaining and seems to keep my attic cats mesmerized. It has the names of the people who devised this in the window title. I am using the SDL version and found no flaws in the code( or the Physics).

The concept of "Time Lords" and somebody who could regenerate their form is a great cinematic technique to transition the lead role in a series, and I always considered it impossible, like a two way wrist radio that Dick Tracy had in the 1930's I think. I have come to realize through some investigation and testing that this is certainly possible and in practice the regeneration would have no practical numeric limit. The idea of the matrix at the Time Lords home world is interesting.

It would not be feasible without a concrete model of the genotype to phenotype process. For the purposes of my investigation of these things I have studied Planarian and many other organisms.

It seems to me that science fiction is loosing its place of wonder due to the fact that technology is advancing so quickly. I certainly do consider Mbrains to be a real possibility in this universe and many other things also. It is not as strange as it seemed when I first took genetics. I thought it was quite odd that I could modify a living organism so easily and create something which was totally different with the change of a single base pair. It is a strange world to me and getting stranger. Many of the tools and techniques have a synergy that is unexpected. I have come to realize there are many things much odder than regeneration that will soon be known.

I watched financial news on BBC last night and I have to say that they live in a world that I do not comprehend anymore. They speak of structure and function which cannot integrate the new technology without a radical reorganization. I see a stunned Buffalo doing exactly what it always does, even though radio controlled drones are buzzing their heads.

I don't know where all this leads, I just go there because I can. The generalized concept can be investigated in cinema, but the actual consequence tends to expand factorial and as a result becomes virtually infinite in complexity from our perspective. Waves on an infinite pond , scatter and reflect and an image forms in the surface reflections and it is ...

I know that time is not a dimension, but there are some rather strange consequences to other methods and perhaps there is something that is "timish". I can't say for sure either way at the moment. These things wash over me like breakers on a beach and sometimes the possibility waves crush me and I am thrown about like so much flotsam and jetsam. It is changing and swelling and many people simply look away from the sea. The probability sea will not rest, just because it is not watched.

I don't find the Dr Who series as interesting as it used to be, because the concept is feasible and doing it is much more fun than pretending or watching somebody else's idea of what might be. They lack inside knowledge of what can really happen. I don't want to believe in fake things that are less fantastic than the real world in all its possibilities. They are constructed to entertain and my attic cats are easily entertained with the wiggly string from NeHe lesson 40. It reminds me of the Star Trek episode about the "Nexus". It is possible to be caught in the illusion of life and die in the actual life. A scary thing and I would think it is something that should be avoided.

And don't despair, the real "Master" is lurking and what that monster has in store for you is too gruesome to consider. So dream on, and whistle when you pass infinity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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