When the future is now

I have been investigating this technology of teleput and it is not a single function thing. The techniques can be applied in many ways and I force myself to think what the "Master" would do with the device and I see that it serves as well in other capacities. I could be used to dissolve molecular bonds and make something dust. I could be used to induce fusion in any material. It could be used to simply break a planar sequence of bonds. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And you might ask how such a device would get the energy to do all this at a remote place? If you were moteyalpha, you would have already leaped to the recursion that if it can induce fusion, it can be driven by its own effect. I doubt that it will lead to people driving around cars that have the "Mr Fusion" trademark like "Back to the Future".

I considered what technology does and what types of changes can have disastrous consequence. It is not the technology, but human nature that is the risk. Many a story has been written about this fact and actually that is what fiction is all about. Many a story of ultimate weapon has circulated since the dawn of recorded history and many would like you to believe that they have a secret power like this hidden away, but it is a lie, because the technology creates such power that the power over others is nothing in comparison.

It reminds me of a western I saw when I was young and I don't recall the name, but the plot is that somebody gets their hands on a Gatling gun and proceeds to reek havoc across the west. Technology can come up with some black swans now and again and these are the nastiest things to deal with. I don't make the universe and I take no blame for what is possible, just because I figure it out first. If it were the Middle Ages and I designed a laser weapon, it would have less consequence than this.

These things creep upon us and the fact that AI is exceeding human capability in many areas is even more scary from an existential perspective. How do I feel about myself when my computer corrects me at every step?

I only ring the bell of the future, it will toll in its own time, but beware the "Jackal of Time" personified by the "Master Time Lord", as he has many lessons we must learn in order to survive his madness. I steeled myself against the madness of power long ago and if it were not so the ideas could make a person mad with power and that is the danger. Some cannot resist the lure of power and they crave it as a drug and will do anything for it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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