Smell the future

References here to recent news and how it validates my concept of what happens next.

Topic Site Subject Effect
extinct genes Texas,Australia Jurassic park[1] U/K
odd eyes Utah,Brazil light computer[2] photonic switch
odd evo. research y-larvae phenotype
cell computer Davidson college math in e. coli[3] bacterial computer
DNA scans Joseph Fourier genetic scans[4] smell the alien

    I have been predicting many things to come in the post-singularity world and some have started to happen and others will soon, I am sure. I wonder how long it will take for a common understanding of what technological singularity means. The economics and power structure of the world is about to be set on it's heels. The only safe approach to this techno is open research and open discussion. For someone to claim that they own ideas because the government says they have a license is the continuation of feudalism and is destined to fail. Since I have had the opportunity to study what comes from technology, backing into the future is never a safe method.

  1. Continuing the rather unpredictable and inevitable mixing of the genome by mechanics, a hybrid of a dead gene has been produced and it will not be long before dinosaurs eat New York. Kidding.
  2. Continuing the study of light and the fact that it is not exactly what has been reported in the past. My knowledge of the subject from actual experience is that it is possible to see molecules in action and use light as a switch.
  3. Continuing my saga of how to use a cell as a computer and make it usable, testable, programmable, and immortal ... others have come a step closer.
  4. Aliens and privacy. This covers two subjects, "smell the aliens" and lack of privacy by public DNA scans.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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