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I just wondered if snapshot would snapshot snapshot ....I know you know.

It is an interesting game and I have never seen one like it. I suppose all this is just a minor blemish. Here is a very interesting link at Wikipedia that is pertinent.

I really appreciate the production of tutorials at NeHe and I always have a lot of fun taking them apart and putting them back together. I ran out of things to do with WebGL and so I decided to build a model of a planet and bombard it with meteorites and in my own round about way am still headed there. I am just correcting things because that is what I do, compulsively. A reference to Wikipedia about DIBs. And below is the things I added to make everything work right for BMP load, however I have a sneaking feeling that this has the same issues in RIFF, so I will go clean that now. It is from Lesson 21 at NeHe Linux GLX. It is that int thing that I complained about before, and I dismissed it for lack of time until now. I have done compatible Int 0x10 bios, VESA, SVGA, DRV, and application files for video and I have seen and dealt with DIB (BMP) formats a thousand times at least.

It seems that NeHe could just have '#include "dib_load.h"' or link to a loader that was common and then their site would not get speckled with incomplete code when a change is made, it is a design issue I suppose and I know it is for learning, but this is not what to teach people. (uint32_t) is NOT (long int)! I suppose I am being picky for a free resource, but if lots of people learn the wrong way to do something you end up with code everywhere that is difficult to use by no fault of the student. string.h was just added for a strlen warning and stdint.h is needed for the definitions of uint32_t.

#include <string.h> #include <stdint.h> struct bmpfile_magic { unsigned char magic[2]; }; struct bmpfile_header { uint32_t filesz; uint16_t creator1; uint16_t creator2; uint32_t bmp_offset; }; uint32_t bfOffBits; uint32_t biSizeImage; printf("%d is not _always_ %d.\n", sizeof(long int),sizeof(uint32_t)); #define PLANE_SIZE 2 #define BPP_SIZE 2 #define AXIS_SIZE 4


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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