In the Minefield alive

Really, I was only mostly dead and now I am better.

Chrome has improved a lot since I last used it and I like it, it has a smoothness about it. It isn't as good or fast as Firefox, but still, it is 10 times better than IE and has some class.

I have been playing with Firefox minefield and WebGL and got serious today while letting web ontologies sink in. Anyway. You probably need to understand HTML, javascript, OpenGL and have a grasp of DOM. I would say that it could be understood with that. If you want to look into the implementation code, you would need a few more talents, perhaps XUL, java, C, libs ... The tutorials for HTML and javascript at W3C are sufficient to grasp those concepts. This is the first part of using WebGL and it isn't all that scary as it is just a javascript function with error handling. So I am trying to see if I have a compatibility issue with X86_64 and so I have placed a Zim wiki in the shared NFS (network file system) on my machines so I can share conceptual "ontological" !yoink! information between machines running different implementations.

It seems a straight forward thing and so I will put some stuff here with the HTML page exported from `kate` to give a simple step by step to apply it in my specific Linux configuration. I will make no attempt to do it for Windows. I am going to do Google Chrome tests also.

var gl; function initGL(canvas) { try { gl = canvas.getContext("experimental-webgl"); } catch(e) { } if (!gl) { try { gl = canvas.getContext("webkit-3d"); } catch(e) { } } if (!gl) { try { gl = canvas.getContext("moz-webgl"); } catch(e) { } } if (!gl) { alert("Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :-("); } }

And the link for the above quote at learning WebGL.

The javascript implementation of minefield has some sticky wickets and so I expect a few SIGSEGVs along the way, but that is all part of the edgy programmer's life. I am sure I covered how to get Firefox minefield as a separate browser and it just needs a second profile.


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Automated Intelligence
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