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sudo apt-get build-dep python2.5

I often learn something new by starting over with a process and mainly because I get frustrated and only solve the problems I need to solve to get to my goal. Once I have been through it a few times I will try some new methods to get the best path between the two points. Above is a sweet thing I wish I had known, rather than looking for each needed module one at a time. Oh well, I am stupid and I am glad I haven't forgotten that or I would never strive to be better.

So I am redoing `makehuman`, python 2.6, blender makehuman, blender python, makeant from makehuman, genotype to model, and integration of the interacting methods. Each pass is quicker and becomes more automated and cleans some of the sand out of the gears. I mostly just monitor the process as I can script the entire process and only make changes to the script if something goes horribly awry.

I wonder if I could do this?

sudo apt-get build-dep me-be-smart

Installing Python 2.6 outside of the normal path of version upgrade with debian is dangerous, so don't do that unless you are a guru. What I am doing is converting the makehuman code. I don't need to break the system to do that.

Okay I broke down and upgraded with KDE4 and it isn't as bad as I remember, I switched to the file desktop fairly easily and from there it is not much different so I think I will keep it and upgrade everything. It has Python 2.6 so it is a must. After using it for a while I have decided I like it with KDE4. They have cleaned up a lot of issues and with additional functionality it seems like a natural migration. It isn't a walk in the park, but it isn't a nightmare either. Wow it has some nice features that aren't immediately obvious. All in all KDE4 is now a win in my opinion.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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