Python twist demon exorcism

For the sake of reference this is how I found a missing function for python using `apt-cache search` .

import feedparser from twisted.application import service, strports from nevow import appserver, loaders, static, rend from nevow import tags as T motey@motey-desktop:~$ sudo apt-cache search feedparser

Returned this:

python-feedparser - Universal Feed Parser for Python
sudo apt-get install python-nevow \ python-twisted-web \ python-feedparser \ apache2
twistd -noy twist.tac http://localhost:8081/

This is to take another pass at the twisted framework and looking into Python implementation in some more detail. I have gone through STAN and twisted methods and how they are applied in Python and have a general handle on the associative process. I don't have a full understanding of that yet and so it will another pass tomorrow. It works, I can pull feeds to analyze. I think the next step is to create a KDE desktop widget for my personal amusement that does some OpenGL and blender model rendering. I understand more and yet there is so much more to know. Yes, a WebGL widget.


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Automated Intelligence
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