KDE4 is okay

KDE4 is totally awesome. I have gotten used to it and I have Wikipedia , dictionary, feeds, and many more widgets and they are really nice. I think they have a good vision for what they wanted and it was a rough start, but well worth the problems. Thanks you KDE. It isn't really that great a learning curve, I had more trouble using Apple desktop in genetics lab.

Okay, I admit it, this is really good. KDE4 is prime time stuff now and is the best color scheme and integration I have ever seen. A+++ It is a winner, 9.10 is great too. The most important thing?, it can browse XKCD on the desktop as a widget! And feed Slashdot and my favorite blogs as a gadget too.

I really enjoy the equation editor in Zim Wiki (( for reference I have tested PyZim version0.43 and it has almost identical features and seems to work quite well I didn't get real wild, but it seems it will be more "featureful" and supportable in Python.)) and it also has a diagram editor that uses graphviz now and so that is even more fun. It is part of add ons.

Ooh! they fixed equation editor preview as standard to get right window size! Neat.

\begin{cases}4x + 2y = 14 \\ 2x - y = 1.\end{cases} \,

digraph Matter { matter -> energy energy -> matter }

More on 'Zim the Python incarnation'. It includes MindMap using Cairo and so I am really looking forward to that. Below are quotes from the source tracker. Very nice and I learned something else from the "makefile" :-) I didn't realize a person could execute to get a variable.

PYTHON=`which python`
Implement a MindMap widget to track links 1. Zim 2. Blueprints 3. Implement a MindMap widget to track l...
We need a "MindMap" widget, preferable Cairo based, to show and draw relations between pages. The widget should be able to handle complex graphs, not just hierarchical mindmaps. Each node in the graph would be associated with a page in your Notebook.

Messing with fuzzy select in gimp.

Maybe more than okay, as it has a real professional style developing and I could get used to it.I am blogging from my 32 bit Kubuntu v9.10 desktop and I actually like it now. It takes some getting used to. If you are a console user it seems frivolous to have all the widgets, gadgets, flipping, fading, pretty stuff. Okay maybe it is frivolous, but I can tolerate it and it can be configured the way I like. Install was very smooth and the new grub is almost artsy. Good work. Now I have to see if it rocks. I know it will as I am up on Python 2.6 and that means new features and new blender stuff. Also I have to see what is new with gimp and inkscape and so many other useful things.

I think I need a better more standard font for blogger or set default may be better, so I will fix that now. That may take some time as I want to investigate what fonts are standard with Linux and make the best use of that so I don't have to play around as much when I go to 10.04 version in March.

  1. firefox
  2. blender
  3. gimp
  4. zim
  5. inkscape
  6. gvim
  7. espeak
  8. graphviz
  9. idle
  10. dvipng
  11. okteta
  12. nmap
  13. g++
  14. unrar
  15. openmovieeditor
  16. kde-games
  17. zenmap
  18. ipython
  19. mesa-utils

Got firefox,blender,gimp,zim, inkscape, gvim ( Okay so I am not a purist vi person,. so what ), espeak. graphviz, idle (Python console), dvipng, [latex(tex-common)],((KHexEdit replaced by Okteta)),okteta, [hexedit=silly shell program that fails badly in konsole] ,nmap,g++ (for compile polyML), unrar (for makehuman python scripts extraction),openmovieeditor , ..... I am using Verdana for paragraphs and that seems okay in Firefox right out of the mill. And you bet I have Firebug, that is just too useful to be without. Wikipedia , that goes in the Firefox dictionary for sure!

motey@motey-desktop:~$ uname -a Linux motey-desktop 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux motey@motey-desktop:~$ cat /etc/issue Ubuntu 9.10 \n \l ---- ALSO ---- motey@motey-desktop:~$ lsb_release -c Codename: karmic motey@motey-desktop:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 9.10 Release: 9.10 Codename: karmic

And some stuff to cleanup and add back a few disks here and there. Also have to mount the external shares for nfs. I won't post my SSH keys here though :)

sudo fdisk -l ls -lA /dev/sd* | grep -E 'sd[abcd][0-9]' UUID=(hexes) /mnt/external auto users,auto,atime,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0

I did have a little scare with grub, but I am at fault there for having such convoluted hardware arrangements that shift like sand. If they come up with a grub that can unscramble my mess I want to look at that source code.

I don't recommend using ATI proprietary drivers as they are VERY crashy and I put them in and took them out using the reference at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver Kwin seems to crash with ATI and it is a mess. If the hidden drivers ever start working I will post something here. I may lend my support to help speed up the open source drivers. They are a little slow, but acceptable.

motey@motey-desktop:~$ glxgears 14284 frames in 5.0 seconds 14565 frames in 5.0 seconds 14575 frames in 5.0 seconds


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Automated Intelligence
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