Polly wants an ML language crack

I started thinking parrot and while I was thinking I was changing an open svg drawing with gimp.

At the moment I am studying algorithms and different languages to get the best ideas of design utility and ease of use. To start with I am going through a course using the ML language at Cornell and at the same time doing the course at MIT called algorithms again. Not all of that soaked in and everything has to be solved if it is a correct system. Like Physics or any other science, everything must be explained by the theory of the process or it is incomplete. In logic that is a bit more tricky as it incorporates some relationships that are metaphysical and as such have no physical experiment that calculates their certainty. They must become coherent and inter-operable to be accepted.

I was looking at the package poly/ML and it is in testing and could be in debian soon, but it has some issues for architectures which have natural machine word sizes other than 32. The link to the poly/ML page is here and I may use the source to test my ML programs and then delete it when it gets to the repositories.

Language features have overlap and in order to quickly apply and choose the correct language I must know whether it implements a specific method which is needed for a solution. Everything can be implemented with a logical language, it is the portability, speed, ease of use, support, libraries, and documentation, among other things which determines if it can be applied. Source is available below as through svn.

svn co https://polyml.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/polyml/trunk polyml

source compile requires `g++` and I am testing now with some examples. I like the idea of proofs, but they are only as good as the definition of the mathematical or logical system and its relationship to the real world. In order to use polyML I had to add


to the file "/etc/ld.so.conf" and run `sudo ldconfig` so that it would see the library where it was installed, in, of course, "/usr/local/lib". The language is invoked by `poly` and not polyml which that is just one of those things. I probably could have fixed that at install, but I know where the s2t is and I know how to press del and use rm if it is a pile of crap.

Invocation which is highly non-pythonic is as follows:

motey@motey-desktop:~/Downloads$ poly ML_dbase Poly/ML 5.3 Release >


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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