Make DNA ants

#!/usr/bin/env/ python
#Python non-genetic dominance joke

class male: gene1="three eyes" gene2="two eyes" class female: gene1="four eyes" gene2="two eyes" class oddChild(male,female): pass class odderChild(female,male): pass oc=oddChild print oc.gene1 oc2=odderChild print oc2.gene1

"Open Movie Editor" ( ubuntu debian package openmovieeditor ) is a linux tool for movies and I am testing it with a movie about making movies that is in a movie about using a software that is designed to make movies (blender).

The image below links to a blog on a new open source movie that uses blender 2.5 and I will install 2.5 on another machine so I don't get some strange interactions happening with a stable 2.49a

Click on the image below to go to a Python Blender script that makes an entire city with a single click! Also Blender is in major rewrite for version 2.5 and it looks like a lot of neat new features and some changes that may take a little relearning to take full advantage of the new methods. Now if there were only a method to generate virtual people to live in the virtual city. Oh right, MakeHuman. Where I am headed with this is using scripts to generate ant hills and MakeHuman to generate ants or nano-machines and then teleputting the generated objects to terraform the galaxy. Oh, maybe I will have dinner first. Then I will take a stepping disk to the Ringworld control center.

I read an interesting article at slashdot about slime mold designing rail systems and that is not in the least surprising that nature can and does design the best fit for all algorithms. It reminds me of something I discovered recently which has to do with infinite computing. There is the issue, it is possible to approach infinity from the counting integers, but it may be another few trillion years before it emerges.

So at the moment I am reinstalling the new MakeHuman scripts from Blender Python. The goal is to recap the process of converting MH to MA (MakeAnt) with the new knowledge I have using
^[I][n][f][i][n][e]$(sic) computing. I want to have a better understanding of the relationship of the protein-DNA network ontology and how it can be represented and extracted to make an organism like an ant and also generate the ontology map of sub-structures which become the organism as it expresses the homeobox (HOX) genes. Of course there is no real separation of HOX and non-HOX in any absolute sense as everything is infinite, but it is a general metaphor.

This particular blog post will shadow that process and report what problems or advantages are gained.

Start here:
`unrar` is needed to unpack the python and the next step is to view the "READ ME FIRST.txt" and see what needs to be considered before mucking up something that will haunt me whenever I use it.

Copy the file to Blender/.blender/scripts folder. Copy the contents of bpymodules folder to Blender/.blender/scripts/bpymodules.

First of all it seems that this is not really going to work as they describe as the para-metrics are not going to be found where they are, as the script has no way to know where it was unpacked. That is step one, will it do anything? When doing this the first time, it seemed that some of the data had to be present Ah, I think I need to run the `.blend` from that extracted directory and then it uses those scripts.

1. Does it show the scripts? (YES) which reminds me that `zim` has a cool checkbox feature. Also new XKCD has "Rainman(Raymond) vs. Dirty Harry".

2. Does it show the model? (YES) which reminds me that diagram and svg can be converted to models also with a little code magic (Spell 198 in the grimoire).

3. Does it run the script and is the model mutable in the python window frame? (YES), after I select and run "maketarget1-1/maketarget1-1.blend" and right click in Python window and select 'Execute Script'( or use the key combination alt+p ).

4. Modify file set using script and C program based on a genetic sequence and generate an ant. Does it show properly?

METHODS: used to achieve goals.

sudo cp [thedir containing modules]*.py /home/username/.blender/scripts/ sudo cp [thedir containing mh180]*.py /home/username/.blender/scripts/bpymodules/
Run mh180b_1_1.blend with blender by clicking it!

Biological computation at Stanford, interesting talk. They are at least 10 years behind what I can do.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen