Playing in the streams

Above is what came out of gimp while I was thinking about this and below is an example of looking at the stream ( In Windont ). Linux is naturally open and it makes no difference which program uses the stream, they are all ultimately controlled by me. In Windont each program is from a vendor who wants to take advantage and it is like having evil demons in charge of your data.

Solving a problem for somebody it occurred to me that streams can be a messy thing when programs don't cooperate well. In Windont you can pull things from the stream that you shouldn't or simply dam the stream and that is one of those things that seem odd to me as the environment is not one of cooperation to begin with.

Below is the consequence of me purposely crossing a stream in Linux KDE. I knew what I was doing and if you control the machine you can do anything. The nice thing here is that it had an err ( which I caused on purpose ) and it recovered. That is a good thing for KDE4. I wonder who would actually read my blog and nod "Oh yeah" as I would guess that less than 1% of all people would actually understand what I am discussing. I can read the text below and realize this is the path of invocations and I suppose it could be more verbose and show passed data objects, but I can tell what is going on without that. In this case one thread ( stream ) ceased to exist ( Okay I confess, I killed the thread. ) while another thread still had unfinished business with that threads objects. I'll bet that helps to clear it up?

I bet there is somebody at KDE that would look at that and say in a few seconds, "That is not a real crash". Certainly that must be true as this is not a walk in the park to manage a software interface as complex as KDE or Gnome.

Definition: Windont© is the operating system link that is a pointer to NULL ( or nil ), because the OS it formerly pointed to, is corrupted. The term is not really copyright as it was public domain and common knowledge since the OS it formerly pointed at was first released.

This is an interesting C language course from Sydney Australia UNSW.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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