Ipython interface

I just discovered `ipython` and I have been using `idle` for a python interactive shell and it seems ok, but it seems that `ipython` is some super cool thing that does all kinds of things and so I am about to find out. Here is a reference to a tutorial video and here is a link to a comparison of idle and ipython and that is the first stop. Also here is a link to ipython at Wikipedia , the moin wiki SciPy-Ipython site , and also the Wikipedia reference to Idle.

It might be an easier way to interact with Python, but I use `kate` and run as `python program.py` and it seems that there is very little more that is needed if the program works. There was course on the web about python and the person said that you should plant print statements in your code to debug. That seems like a silly way to debug, though I have had to shotgun debug at times, it isn't a style that should be used after the language is understood. Anyway here is a style guide PEP 8 that seems reasonable and supported by python.

It allows history of command access with up and down keys so that is something anyway. You can move the cursor in idle, but that becomes tedious when there is a lot of text between two commands.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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