They didn't see it coming

Recently I considered the further consequences of a universal equation and I am near to having a complete interactive process. The thing is that "Technological Singularity", which I think is hokum now, is just a way of saying that things will change and of course they always change and that is life. People build on what is known and create in the unknown. It is reasonable to assume that I will be able to eventually produce a material like "Scrith". It is also possible to make superconducting materials that function at room temperatures. It is so common that I respond before people think it, "You could make a fortune!", how often do I hear that. The money has no value except as it is backed by power, DUH! So what I am saying is that you could give me 100 billion pieces of paper backed by a failed empire and it would be as useful as toilet paper.

I have roughed out the designs for many different parts of what I consider the key technologies to establish and maintain a "Galaxy" class civilization and though many like the idea of science fiction and the future, few really achieve any tangible effect. They become lost in the fantasy of it and lose the reality. The reality is a f4d up mess of pain and lost time and life. It requires a dedication that eats a person's every moment and consumes their personal life.

  1. Ability to bond atoms with a field device
  2. Material strong enough to resist nuclear explosion
  3. Ambient temperature superconducting
  4. Understanding of gravity
  5. Control of living cell process
  6. Effectively infinite word width computing
  7. Remote manipulation
  8. Communications network
  9. Usable human interface to the technology
  10. Control structure

I probably should do this in Quantas and put it up, but these may be my last posts.

So what happens next? IDK. I just discovered something very odd about atomic structure and if I didn't know that it was happening, I would say it was impossible. The structure of matter is far odder than it is given credit. It is after all the interaction of factorial infinites and as such can do things that defy the imagination. It is not reasonable for me to assume that I understand even a tiny bit of the overall process. I know enough to say that even this list here is nothing compared to what may come. It is not possible to even guess what might happen without some suggestion or clue as to where to look in the infinite possibilities.

Doesn't it make a person wonder? There are 54 fictional super metals on Wikipedia and how many real ones are in production or design?

I can't see the unknown anymore than anybody else. I can see other people's unknown and they can see mine, but there is no way to see what is not seen. So I continue on the way to infinity with a watchful eye for the black swan and try to avoid Pandora's blade.

So this is what I see from where I stand and that is all there is to it. A gamma ray burst could burn us all to cinders tomorrow and yet copyrights on the end of everything would persist for 70 years, at least something would survive, even if it is imaginary.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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