More single-stein puzzle changes

I have decided to change the way hints act and this may be valuable for larger puzzles and unusually shaped puzzles. I have a feeling that in the final state this will have amino acids as puzzle pieces and that the dimensions of the puzzle will be 4D and will be able to be represented as WebGL objects that interact with javascript.

I think that I need an animation for when the puzzle solves itself and it takes pieces and orients the hints as they are in the puzzle when it has found their position. Also I wanted to make middle mouse button flip the pieces in a dimension. Perhaps I need [<shift> (left , middle and right)].( mouse buttons ) to swap in 4 space. That makes sense.

Quote from Wikipedia ( I am getting tired of spell check on Wikipedia and not Google or Microsoft. Show some respect guys(My apologies as it is Firefox and if you select Wikipedia and right click you can add it to the dictionary, my mistake ) and add it, it is one of the most visited sites on the web. ).

Stein is a German word meaning "stone"

I think that single-stein is a better name. I can say it means that if you have more than a single Stein of beer you can't solve it. Besides that it could be interpreted as "ein stein".

As far as the SOAP interface to Google, I am not sure that it is the origin of spell corrections, and I will look into the process and try to leave any answer I find here, where the question is.

I am going to see if I can make the code work with rectangular puzzles of 1x2 1x3 2x4 etc and modify the methods in general to use the arrays in such a way that they can be malloc(ated) on the fly with my linked list memory management for a synthetic imagination.

So I suppose where all this is headed is a merger of one-stein, my protein analyzer, neurological genotype to phenotype, antfarmgl, MakeHuman, WebGL , meta code generator, and nano machines. It seems a reasonable mixture and it allows a virtual web interface to a world of a synthetic universal constructor, which can be tele-piped any where there is a protocol match. It is my vision of space travel. I could have a receiver anywhere and it would translate a sequence as an effective construction. I makes sense really. It is what tele-computing should be about. In the end everybody has the physical reality of an object if they choose. I suppose it is like teleportation.

So the nature of protein operation in computation is that it is method, object, operator, operand, and product all at once and I have considered this in my meta code generation. The biggest hurdle is to represent the inherent parallelism of the system, as each element acts as a specific instruction set CPU and is also a product. Very odd, but that is just the way it is. I have discovered some very interesting consequence of how these things act and it certainly helps in understanding why it operates the way it does.

I can imagine a future where a family fails to restrict access to the net and as a result the child has downloaded a bear, selected print to reality, and the parents find a Grizzly bear in the closet. You might think that is science fiction, but I consider it something that is likely to happen, and as such is mere speculation upon the consequence of that which has already been devised.

So, people will be downloading files of their favorite person and some day that person will chance to meet themselves in the supermarket and be really upset that somebody is copying them. It could happen and perhaps sooner than we have the sense to figure out what strange things will happen as a result. I can think of hundreds of ways that it could go awry and well that is the danger of knowing, which is just less dangerous than not knowing, but sometimes I wonder, by how much?

All of the methods and concepts are becoming coherent for me and the analogous process is helping to make everything fit well. It seems it will solve to a single relationship of some sort. I have noticed and I know that many would like to have "folding@home" work and they have many good ideas to find the function and structure of proteins, but they lack what I have, which is the equation that defines the universe, and to me it is simple. How would I rate the worth of this knowledge? IDK. If it quickly solves the dilemma of protein function it is worth a billion fortunes. The problem is that someone will take the idea and "sell" the product to others, when I would not give them this answer to use as a tool to enslave others, either physically or economically.

It is the worst problem of all, what to do with the evil "Master" of "Gallifrey", and all his monstrous tricks? I had an interesting thought. The "Tardis" is alive and the "Doctor" were really killed, what would it do? I know Dr Who is just fiction, but the consideration remains the same if someone were to implement such a thing. Don't you wonder that also, Alice Infinity?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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