Meta-programming proteins

My interest today is meta programming as it relates to proteins. In bioinformatics of proteins the structure and thus its function is the primary concern. In a pathway that is a true universal constructor I shall calculate the structure and function of a simple life sequence loop and analyze the operation of the system in various environments. I have some tools that others lack, but they also apply in many other areas. This my interest today and I would like to devise a coherent protein meta programming that is parallel to my C language program synthesis and this way the code in generated in constructive form as well as descriptive visual form.

Mathematical system constructors like matrices are interesting, but they produce no effect in the universe ( Well, maybe the one at the link is an exception ). Constructors developed from a protein design have physical form and function to moderate the universe. I think it is a difference between starting at the counting numbers and trying to reach infinity or starting at infinity and excluding the parts that have no great significance.

The puzzle ( that is the universe ) is becoming coherent and all the pieces are falling into their places, but there still remain some issues of relationships which have no association. I guess they would be loose ends, and I need to find a place and method to connect loose ends, or at least determine a list of possible places they can connect to the matrix and then I can devise a test to see if they produce a coherent result.

I may look into making an add-on to Firefox for visualization of n-Dimensional space, just to play with it and possibly get some ideas. This is certainly the ultimate technology and an atomic level universal constructor is just what I need to teleput.(sic) It bothers me that I can't get a complete solution, but the larger problem is that when I solve something, I have to find something else to solve. I have a fairly good idea of the structure of the UC matrix and probably need to do a simple test and see what happens at different scales of action to identify things I have neglected to consider.

A new law has been passed and no individual is allowed to create copies of DNA. This means that you must inform every cell of your body of this injunction and failure to enforce the ban is considered prima facie evidence that you intend to violate the law. I personally think it is very intrusive and may violate my constitutional rights to breathe.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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