Look, The library header is Pragma twice

Today I am building a script that scans the machine and creates a list of function prototypes in a data base that identifies the calling options, file system location, and what library it associates with. I wanted to add a web search to see if there is a way to avoid rewrite of something that already exists. Since open source has the code available and I can include a script in the meta coder to apt-get source and then look through it for usable pieces, that seems a realistic method. I am not ready to let it loose on the web to look for stuff, because it is always Caveat emptor with that, even with the best of intentions assumed. Oh right, "#Pragma once". I encounter things in code that I just assume does a specific thing and apply it in that way, and as time goes by I research more and hopefully learn how to apply the methods more appropriately.

So the goal of this script or module is to search the relationships of headers and libraries and packages to create an index that is accessible by my program to identify a piece of code or library call in such a way that it can be simple included with its header and library in the linking stage. A type of universal library function that is bound to be tricky. I suppose the only thing that really would make it work is that the meta coder tries options and if they fail for some reason it chooses a different method. I doesn't assure the best code, but, I am sure that my programming can't guarantee that either.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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