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I see that I can automatically generate the Javascript that goes with the WebGL and if I am crafty and forward thinking, I can make the auto code generator produce the code for the web interface to the system. As a result it should be an entire recursive system of programming that starts with descriptions and ends with a functional interface. I have to devise a way to have WebAL integrate with this and that is something I will have to investigate.

The web interface would require OpenGL, sound of some sort, and input. Javascript can provide the input, but I have not done anything with interactive keys and I will have to investigate that. With sound I can use espeak to generate voices and add to the overall utility of the interface.

I will have to look at what Google does as I never thought about it, but they accept single keys without puts. Odd that I haven't done that before that I remember. I did javascript in 1993 and I could have done it then, and forgot by now. That was 17 years ago and I never programmed a lot in javascript. I did make a complete Intel CPU with registers that was implemented in javascript.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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