A lively puzzle

So now I am deep in The Heart of Darkness and I am modifying everything in concert as a grand symphony to make the puzzle pieces be Amino Acids and to use the equation of state of the universe to determine if the puzzle pieces fit and in what 3 dimensional structure. The game constructs a puzzle of (n) amino acids at random at first, but later uses the data base of known amino sequences and generates a 3 dimensional result and then generates "hints" about structure which would allow a person to solve the protein. It solves the protein structure itself and from this generates the hints with some sense, I hope.

I am keeping an eye out to make it extensible in dimensions and viewable in many different ways. I am also considering that I will implement it as WebGL with javascript and so all the essential interfaces will have two or more personalities to deal with assembly for WebGl or stand alone application. I will also include the option of using non-standard amino acids that arise on occasion. I hope to discover one of the issues that bothers me and that is branched chain proteins and also a specific sequence that I think exists and is not really life, but is somewhere above prion and well below Mitochondrion. It is a hypothetical structure that I devised as a result of analyzing some atomic interaction of various atomic soups. This means I need to incorporate other atoms beside CNSHO and other molecules in the interaction with the proteins and of course Phosphorous, H2O , Fe, Ca, Na, and probably a few others too as time goes by.

I estimate it will require several months to get all this in a usable WebGL + javascript -and- local OpenGl + Xwindows form. By that time it will be spring and I also hope that WebGL will be usable by then as a standard in Firefox.

The entire assembly should provide the framework for a virtual world which is various types of cells or non-cells and allow travel inside the cell to view it as it operates in whatever time frame or scale is desired. Pretty much a virtual world, but with cell walls instead of concrete walls. I hope that it will explain some question that I have about PolyA tails, ubiquitin, walking molecules, other walking molecules, and ATP. Along with about a million other questions.

I hope the whole thing can be documented and written as meta-code generated from a single descriptor. It makes sense to me. Why send an image file when I can say "Use convert" or "Use ImageMagick" and "make image 512x512 color depth 8 with 6 dots on it evenly spaced in two columns as a png type image". Or I could just do that myself and send you 512x512x4 (4 million ) bytes in place of 40. It doesn't seem very efficient to me.

There is no need to have the kind of bandwidth that is generated by flash animations. Either give me the useless information or keep it to yourself, I don't care. They are sending millions of bytes of information in an attempt to influence my mind, that seems like trying to teleput into my head. If I wanted to teleput something into your head, and just did it without considering whether you wanted that in you head or not, wouldn't that be rude? The mind is something that can take that which is meta-physical and make it physical in the universe. That is a wonderful thing and I don't like people shoving random crap in my mind to make a buck.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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