Doesn't make any sense at all

I was looking around the web and I see many things and places where they offer prizes for advancement in technology. I wonder if anybody thinks about what happens if it is true? There have been a lot of screwy and ludicrous attempts to neutralize gravity and they seem to always follow the same pattern, some monumentally expensive and convolved thing that needs more money continually. I think I see a pattern and it is called scam.

Consider if a device such as the transporter were made. Considering human nature, the first things that would happen is that some perv would teleport to bathrooms, crooks would teleport into Fort Knox, spies would teleport to secret facilities, assassins would teleport into the office of the ruler, people would teleport stalk. It is just ridiculous. I don't think that anybody considers the real consequence of changing technology.

Consider for a moment what happens next. I am aware of many new things which are possible and this is what I consider when I make something. How can it be applied. The mobile phone, GPS, and the internet have made a serious tangle of unexpected consequence. Some good , a lot bad ( IMHO ). These are not massively futuristic things. The ability to transform matter at will is one of those technologies that has serious implications and I hesitate to even discuss some of them. It is absurd to offer a million dollar prize, or even a trillion dollar prize for a technology that could generate unlimited result or gain to an individual.

I can't teleport, but I do understand "teleput" and even that limited thing has consequences that I can hardly even guess. The world is not designed to deal with these types of changes and things. It is more like an episode of Twilight Zone played out in reality. It seems to be the consensus that if a new technology arrives it will be so complex that only some large organization could possible construct the device and thus could maintain a centralized power structure. That is rarely the case in history. People get their hands on stuff and then do what comes natural.

The time to consider what happens is before the thing is made, and that is sometimes difficult. I am sure that nobody realized what would come of the internet when it started. I am stunned myself. I wander about and learn new things all day and it is like a library that branches to infinity.

It must be considered, what happens next, what if, what if it succeeds? I am aware of some things which have succeeded and they continue to evolve consequence. There are now many genetically engineered "things" happening and I know this technology. It is in its infancy and as time progresses it becomes more effective. It will certainly be possible to identify the structure and expression of a single strand of DNA and then it will be possible to design an organism from scratch, which has the precise characteristics that a person would want. What would you make if it was as simple as dialing a phone? What then is your worth when a corporation or country can devise a slave race that conforms to its specifications and doesn't have any of those nasty instincts to be human?

The history of humanity is not one of sweetness and hearts, it is a tale of conflict, war, self indulgence, destruction, slavery, disease, horror, despotism, self delusion, torture, death, genocide, depravity, madness, religious fanatics, criminals, and dadaism. What would the human race do if it had something like the transporter from Star Trek? Does the expression, "Who transported that elephant into my living room?" sound reasonable? It is a strange world that comes knocking , rapping at the chamber door, quoth the Raven, forever more. Or perhaps it is more like "quoth the server 404". Google that.

I guess it comes down to this, if you are in a room with the richest man in the world and you are the only one with a gun , he will offer you everything for it and if you agree, he will say , "I didn't get rich by being stupid, give me the money back or I will shoot you."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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