Artificial Infinity (AI)

I am attempting to correlate various things today to resolve some logical issues.

  • Linear congruence
  • GCF greatest common factor
  • digitally generated random numbers
  • security of randomness
  • profiling randomness
  • infinite randoms in the physical world
  • Mersenne twister
  • Definition of paradox
  • infinites as it relates to logical paradox
  • hash functions
  • mixing trees, matrices and hash
  • DNA sequence analysis
  • (pseudo) derivatives and integrals of methods
  • designing computer language interpreters and compilers
  • DNA as a computer

I will fill this post out with what I discover. I have gone through these concepts several times and have a vague feeling that there is a relationship I am missing there that may be useful. I will fill the links to relevant articles as I discover the relationships.

With respect to this when I programmed in assembly and wished to have a random value I would interact counters which used separate crystals and use the thermal drift of the crystal oscillator to get a number that was dependent on the interactive fluctuations of oscillators. It is more like an infinitely variable commodity, but then it is used digitally and so it becomes an integer. I think I cannot really compute properly until I have a complete infinite logic based computer.

Many, if not all of these things are artifacts of the choice of symbolic system that is math itself. If I start with a system that defines identity and proceeds from there it is not the appropriate symbol set to describe the universe or its relationships. My hope is to devise a system which derives from the nature of the universe and would encompass the existing math and resolve the paradox. It seems logical to me that if a system fails to be complete in some aspect it must be extended. As I always do, I will add more complexity in the hopes of making things more coherent.

Thus this list may grow as do many of my posts, Auf der Weise zur Unbegrenztheit.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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