It is warm in degrees Kelvin

Above Centigrade °C

I shall soon have the temperature according to Lord Kelvin. It is 261.15 °K and so it does feel quite warm, I feel no urge to superconduct. This module is a better program and it builds well and is easy to use.
yaWP Yet Another Weather Plasmoid is nice and I can easily get Kelvin from it.

Here are some things I learned that may be useful for development and finding things needed:

env set printenv apt-file search <filename> aptitude search <pkgname>

I never really wanted to see °K on the display, I just wanted to know how the plasmoids worked. I watched a couple KDE lectures from conferences and they provided some overview, but I like figuring it out for myself. It is much more fun that way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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