It asked to be fixed - KDE plasmoids

This tutorial on Plasmoids ( a kind of Graboid, from "Tremors" ) at KDE is my subject for the night. I just wanted to use a Python weather widget and it was okay with Centigrade, but when I used Fahrenheit it lied to me, and I heard it whisper FIXME, then it said in a loud commanding voice, "Make me an option for degrees °K". Also I noticed that you can rotate desktop widgets and that is interesting. So here it goes, my first widget repair. The snap of console is just to remind me how they can be run and also I need to find where the widgets are located so I can install a new one.

sudo apt-get install plasma-scriptengine-javascript

So I can run widgets and now I need to make a library function repair for the other one. You will need that package above to do testing along with others perhaps:

plasma-scriptengine-webkit kdebase-runtime kdebase-workspace

`plasmapkg` is in "kdebase-runtime" , Other useful commands are:

plasmapkg -l plasmapkg --help

And for reference, here is a link to valid widget names at KDE. Also here is the link to general tutorial on Plasma which I will start a new post for Python and other language widgets. I downloaded yaWP instead and I am using that source to design another widget. The PyWeather was an odd package and not well received so I will learn in C++ implementation for now and later do Python interface to a widget. It isn't real difficult and mostly it is knowing which functions to use. I will do a post on yaWP in C++


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Automated Intelligence
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