Google and Microsoft at Tanagra

Reference: "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra." The title is a reference to a 'Star Trek The Next Generation' episode about a culture that communicates with metaphors ( Darmok ). I think that Microsoft has shown its very heart and intent by cooperating with the Chinese government to be the messenger of censorship for personal gain above the rights of life. On the surface you could see it as simple greed and corruption, but I think it is much deeper than that.

I see plans within plans. If you can control what a person experiences from birth you can own their existence. Recently they uncovered a man who had kidnapped a young girl and kept her in a shed for her life and had 3 children with her. I would say that human slavery in any form is the most vile of activities. I find it very odd that a president of African American ancestry could look at China and not see the horror. It is possible for a member of a race to accept the slavery of others in their race, or slavery in general.

The concept of using others as a tool, because you can, is derived from deep roots of social and biological history. The concept of "pack", fear, instinct, dominance, the bicameral mind. The marriage of the house Medici ( Microsoft ) and Ghengis Khan ( China ) is to be expected. The company and cultural philosophies are consistent. The idea is to limit knowledge to control others. It is very simple and effective. The problem is that it is genocidal for the human race. It does not mean it won't be successful at destroying all life, because the universe is not fair. It does not measure the worth of an individual before it covers them in volcanic ash.

These jackals ( Ms and C ) know each other well and they know that they should not turn their tails to the other or they will get the blade as well as anyone. A sad model of what the human race represents to the universe. At some point the human race must stop being shaped by biological evolution and drag themselves into the light of reason. Perhaps it would be better to leave for space and let the corrupted corpse of human greed writhe and come back to reclaim the garden when the maggots and worms have finished their work.

I see more, of plans within plans. I am sure there is a deeper truth here and the events on the surface show only the ripples of the creatures below. The pieces on the chess board each play their own game. Some have played for centuries. Go ask Alice Infinity, I think she knows.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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