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Adding a Python script to `gimp` 2.6 requires that the script be in ~/gimp-2.6/plugins and that it be set executable. The resultant image is from the previous post and has the number of colors reduced to 16 with smoothing and uses SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics ) methods to create the result. This is not my script, I was just testing a generic script.

The image is a test to see if the script shows in the menu, then does it run and then does it do what I expect. True, True, True. So I have a way and a place to integrate Python-Fu as it is called in gimp quickly and efficiently to add an algorithm, which in this case is see like the human eye and generate a 3D ( depth cues, shading, scaling, expectations of set ) object file with vertex and texture to be imported into blender, where I further modify the information with python scripts to generate a complete model from a flat image.

I am going to have my own web site and as soon as I figure out what to call it and do some intelligent proactive planning of what to install, I will place the link here and be done with blogging at this address. There are too many features that I can implement myself, like traffic monitoring, security, blog layout and associations that I am familiar enough with now to establish my own server. I would like to have a more convenient way to update and display information so that it is properly indexed like a wiki and yet allows people to see what is the most current interest and feed that to RSS ( Really Difficult Syndication ), hmm that acronym doesn't seem to work? How about XML ( eXtensible Modeling Language ) , you just have to try harder to make a fit I guess.

Within register in the Python module.

register( "<Image>/Filters/Edge-Detect/_Trace...", # menuitem with accelerator key


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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