Haskell and logic itself - Prompt Critical

Firebug is a killer application and it gets better all the time. If you want to see what elements are doing and what over-rides are in place or see what a page looks like without a specific style element then it is a must have tool. And it is free!

Haskell is another language and you get it from apt with ghc6 and it is run by typing ghci. The point is to get a complete idea of how to take all the understanding based on integer and number systems and translate it to real math. There is a basic problem, it cannot be proved and this means it is imaginary. Don't get me started on sqrt(-1) or incompleteness or relative infinities. It is basically a weak system and so is digital computing. It confines the mind to function as an automaton, rather than being infinite and provable from the physical universe.

sudo apt-get install ghc6 ghci Prelude> :module System.Directory Prelude System.Directory> getCurrentDirectory Loading package old-locale- ... linking ... done. Loading package old-time- ... linking ... done. Loading package filepath- ... linking ... done. Loading package unix- ... linking ... done. Loading package directory- ... linking ... done. "/home/motey" Prelude System.Directory> getCurrentDirectory "/home/motey" Prelude System.Directory> :quit

So tonight I shall "Haskell" and maybe I will be smarter tomorrow. In order to get help type :? at the ghci Prelude prompt and :quit to exit. It is a language like ML and Lisp and such and so it shares some of the design patterning ( stole that word from Google talks ), sounds intelligent. Wow, I did a snap shot of the starting invocation and there is :? for help and I missed it because I assumed it was just version boiler plate.

I was also thinking of making an odd interpreter and compiler just for laughs. It would have syntax where you enter two ;; on every other line and if you forget, it warns you. That is much better as instead of always being confused about which syntax to use I can design the syntax and irritate other people with &%$#*! odd syntax. That way I am always right because I write the interpreter and so I can do no wrong. If while is WileCoyote ( TRUe:-!;){} then even my typos will become gospel. I should of thought of that long ago. I think I could actually make a nice interpreter that is fast, hmmm ...

Okay "Prompt Critical" could mean a couple things, one of which is very very bad.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen