WebGL logo is provided as information and links to the official site. The image is served from their site and would change based on their representation of themselves. That is the best I can do to represent their intent in having a standard image and assocation.

WebGL is something I am studying and I need to spend some more time with it to understand the protocol. I think it would be possible to make my own program enhancements to WebTL, which added a transport mechanism to communicate thought like concepts. To define a framework and options that allows the AI to communicate a concept method that was perhaps just a program construction template to begin with. I will add what I discover about WebGL here. WebGL at Wikipedia. WebGL at youtube. WebGL tutorials based on NeHe openGL. I have tested with build 12-30-2009 of MineField and it got farther with a triangle, but still no complete process. I guess this is all very new. I will have to see what the insides of the java look like. I am also wondering if it is possible to have "WebAL" which would allow sound to be integrated with OpenGL using something like espeak. I could get a vector file, animation script and voice match timing. I think it is possible to integrate all that as a complete pseudo world like interface. I know I can just go to one of the VR worlds, but the communication based on a higher level of abstraction ( with lower data rates ) is what interests me.

I also noticed something in Opera and here is a blog reference to using SVG animation with Opera?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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