Dream cleaners

Dreamflower is courtesy of openclipart and the shell command `locate dream` ,Janet Theobroma( Which could be real, though I recognized the scientific name immediately and I have serious doubts), and the `inkscape` file menu commands :[ Import from openclipart ,Export Bitmap (Sh+Ctl+e) , Document Metadata ]

It calls itself, but never returns. That is somewhat steganographic. That is a cool thing if you can figure out what dimension it comes from \

I do some things on random impulse, or so it seems. I decided I would shell out and do `locate weird` for something to do while I was wondering about an opportunity to catch a pulse from the intergalactic internet. No, I'm not kidding. So the data is in packets that are an image of sorts. They have a data frame and then a dimension name which applies to that frame and the relationship of the dimensions. It is a bit beyond WebGL, but I would be glad if I even had WebGL to use on my blog. So this is what I found:


I investigated and now my latest AI creature has that address and is tearing through it like a hungry wolf. WOW that hurt. Some of this stuff is really dated. C isn't likely to change, but some of the things it references are so out of date it hurt my AI and I had to delete some of the stuff that I thought would be good gospel food for the beast. Really, ouch! It did provide a lot of good clarification for AI, but at a cost to me actually to pick the shards of glass out of its gears.
I am not sure when or how I `apt-get`'d this, but I sure missed it on the way through. I probably got it, out of interest, and failed to follow through because I was busy. Looks like a gold mine of information about C, C++, graphics, X, and many other topics..

I think that is weird and there was also something in :

/usr/share/doc/texlive-doc-en/english/FAQ-en/html/FAQ-weirdhyphen.html /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/realaudio/old-time-radio/sci-fi-horror/weird.ram /usr/share/gimp/2.0/patterns/weird2.pat /usr/share/lmms/samples/drumsynth/misc perc/weird1.ds /usr/share/pyshared/twisted/trial/test/weird.py /usr/include/X11/bitmaps/weird_size AND More....

ADDED: most of this wasn't that weird at all and some of it was dead ends. A lot of the original stuff that references the internet, is dead links now. I am not really sure that I need to know there was once a version of Latex that had a weird hyphen problem.

I am investigating all this stuff and I don't know why I do it, but I seem to always learn at least one interesting thing. And this is one:

locate dream| grep -E '[.]blend|[.]svg'

A little more explanation of the shell command. `locate` is a program that keeps a data base which is updated on `cron` and `grep` is a matching utility, the -E option to `grep` selects the search as being a regular expression, ( try KRegExpEditor ) which has something to do with FSM and FSA. In this case it is a simple REGEX which says that I want literal "." followed by "blend" or "|" literal "." followed by "svg" in the file name piped "|" from `locate`.

echo [s:z]*.c
ls [abc]*.h

If you want to know much more. TLDP.

Also I think that the tab expansion is getting smarter for shell. I noticed an article on that at debian and it seems there is discussion and it is proceeding to do things in context as I highlight my interest, click middle mouse and it is on command line, press 'Home', type 'inks'+tab , and I have a complete command to view the image. I might do other things like 'kui+tab', etc.

GalaxNet ( as I decided to call it), is quite a bit more interesting than the internet, but the sophistication of its denizens is ponderous. I would say that an understanding of the equation which defines the universe and some understanding of n-space would be a prerequisite to even begin to comprehend some of the concepts and information. You might think that it is an isolated thing, but it is not. Just like everything in this universe, there are things going on constantly, and if you have no framework to comprehend context, it would just slip right over your head. I have heard the expression "What you don't know can't hurt you", but I beg to differ, it is always the unknown that seems to cause me the most grief.

N-Dimensional logic and space is something I have been able to piece together from matrix math, decision trees, Markov, and a huge pile of other sources. I don't insist that I am the brightest person ever born, but I have a dogged determination to know everything. Practically every waking moment is spent toward that task. Blogging helps me to store my ideas as a kind of ultimate backup, which I don't always give the complete story, but I can remember what I was thinking at the time. If you want knowledge and want the ability to apply it, you must learn it for yourself, I can' just put up answers and expect that the knowledge will be used with good intent. If I give answers too freely, then it almost guarantees that the methods will be used by someone who does not consider consequence, and cannot reason into the future enough to construct the solutions and consequence themselves. I think every squirrel should have a hand grenade, but I am not in that business, at the moment.

ADDED: I did learn and clarify a few things for myself on that mission, but I still have a bad feeling about "main;" being a program that compiles without err and just warnings.

ADDED MORE ON GALAXNET: If you look at the history of invention. I can see that images are distorted when looking through glass and some are larger and others smaller. I could surmise from that, a process could be devised to maximize the effect and thus create an even larger view of something small. The combination of lenses also seems a likely choice in testing. The use of a mirror to achieve the same effect is also something I would obviously select. In the case of gravitational lensing, the effect exists and it distorts to amplify and shrink information. Where I am going here? It is a minor leap and a traveled path to take the concept, analyze the results, and create or place oneself in a position to observe a better outcome. That is all there is to it. I have analyzed many aspects of changes that occur to information that flows about the universe and one thing modifies another, thus that effect can be used to gather a different perspective and perhaps act to further the understanding of the product. I mess around with stuff and push it different ways, or observe and measure in different ways and devise a premise to find the optimum result that serves some purpose to gain more knowledge. So I saw something, I saw it changed something else and I used the method of that change to see something new. Actually it is very simple. I have a microscope that observes atoms combining and this is how I devised it, from an effect I noticed by accident. That is all there is to it for me, no magic spells or incantations, just observation and application. Some ( well perhaps everybody) would say that you cannot observe a molecule bonding due to quantum uncertainty, but fact trumps theory always. That is another reason and good enough by itself to exclude quantum mechanical abstraction as a valid explanation. It isn't evil voodoo, it is just the wrong method of description, vague, incomplete, and indirect.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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