Antonym Identical. State? (AI)? no, (IA).

I was looking through Wiktionary and they have anagrams of words and there are anagrams of AI which is would assume would be quite limited and yet they have many. One is IA, where I live and I started thinking about states and AI. The result is this. Yes that is correct, the logic that leads there is convolved and left to the imagination. Some would say the antonym of AI was IA and it is also the mirror image and should be the only anagram IMHO. The link above is from Wikipedia and ranks right up there with the best of Monty Python, it is worth a listen to the ogg audio file. Misc Tech Symbols.

sudo apt-get install kivio

I am fairly certain that I can establish a tree that is:

[desired state and structure] [connector or converter to states(+method)] [other states]

What it means is that I identify the desired state based on an input to the program and it identifies current state and then constructs a state sequence that fulfills the goal. It also produces a `kivio` diagram of what it did and why it decided that a specific path was optimal between State(m) and State(n). I do believe this is the best distillation of the nature of directed thought which I have developed yet. BTW `kivio` is "coo all". I think this is it, but I need to implement and test today, but I think I can pipe this to the protein interface and make a projective parallel solution single molecule. It is very much like growing a crystal from the starting point ( current state ) to the ending point ( desired state ), through all the possible dimensions. That gave me a new idea.Wow, I think I get it! A single simultaneous solution matrix in nD space.

Something you won't see on a blog by somebody at DoD. "I was typing commands and I put in 'Kill everybody.' and I meant to type 'Kill everybody else.', damn, that was a stupid mistake." ... "Who forgot to add a reset button to this drone interface?" <NO CARRIER> BOT: "Searching for command and control carrier."

ADDED: This( the state logic of backward and forward induction) is a ponderous solution and it will take me days to analyze the output and take care of glitches. From past experience, I guess I will not blog on the subject until it becomes coherent. I discovered something already in math and I have to make a name for it and I will call it Interpolomultication. I have no idea how to explain that one in 4 space. I have the helm , Alice Infinity.

Linux does a wonderful job of maintaining a common method for common action across applications and that is one of the greatest flaws of Windows. They may create standards, but applications that run as tasks on that OS have every kind of key shortcut and button you can imagine and they change them all the time. You can't get anything done or even remember when you have to learn a new set of shortcuts every time a " new and improved version" is created. It destroys productivity when someone trains and learns a method and they just change the method for the hell of it. Linux wins again.


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You have the helm ⎈, moteyalpha.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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