War Games doomsday TicTacToe in openGL

I was thinking about doing an automatic "kmines" solver and realized that "kmines" is inherently ambiguous and there are states that have no solution. It means that you guess and get blowed up sometimes. I don't like that, I only like games that I win. Instead I took my TicTacToe game that was a console game and made it part of the puzzler. I added some more sophisticated methods so it looked more like the War Games display. I did a solution selection that checked for solutions of equal value and made a random choice within that group. Obviously the number of choices is 1, at times, and so it really only influences the second play to any extent. It does look like random directed play, which it is. The images and graphics from that movie seem so silly when I can do thousands of times that on a home computer. The weighted matrix was interesting to implement and it made me want to do some Hidden Markov arrays. It is a natural progression and I am working toward my same old goal of antfarmgl, but I am taking a sideways run at the system again, because it has become "emergent" in an unexpected way. One could say that emergent phenomenon are always unexpected and that is probably true, independent of the level of analysis. I suppose it depends on how emergent is defined, as there are some things which are considered emergent and predictable.

From an analysis standpoint and with understanding of AI, that movie was so horribly logically flawed that it seems a joke now. At the time it was made, I thought it was feasible, now I see it is sooo... out of date and naive.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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