Nine Nines the hard way

You can see what the matrix looks like when there are only 2 members to a set. And below the 9x9 has 7,290 associations.

I modified the display code so that it scales to match the puzzle size and maintains the framework. I also made a mod so that I could test puzzle size 8 and 9. I had to fix a small err in one of the hints procedures, but other than that I encountered no new serious errs. Stressing the code and pushing it to its limits is a good way to remove bugs before they show up in use. I have a high confidence that the code is teflon coated, perhaps not invincible, but well hardened. 9x9 is VERY slow and takes 20 seconds to find a usable hint collection that solves the puzzle. It does however do that without flaw or complaint and the matrix operating display is truly impressive. For the puzzle to be truly usable at 9x9 it would need some unique symbols, polygons, and math operands. I may just take some pictures from somewhere and add them as unique elements. I don't think there is such a thing as a 9 sided dice set, but after Googling I see it described at Wikipedia along with Platonic solids dice..


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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