Nine dimensions in three

The white lines are associations and the blue indicate possibilities not excluded at the time of this display. This is an 8x8 puzzle with 2 spatial relationships. The visible matrix of 2x2 and 3x3 puzzles take up simple recognizable shapes that do not differ, and also have no handedness.

This is the attempt to display a nine dimensional relationship in three. I suppose it is entertaining and I prefer it to looking at the lists of associations and possibilities and exclusions. It is incomplete and I need to add some more logic to make it think properly. It may take some time, as this is getting ever so complex in the associations. I have been trying to be sloppy so I can trigger my fault handler and I managed to do that one more time. It is almost too easy. I use kate, the KDE editor, open a terminal in the program and do a make and then run the program in the partial window terminal. I was editing a section and typed the wrong index for an array and bang! fault handler. The funny thing is that with the line number and module displayed on the terminal and line numbers and file name in kate, I only had to look up, click on the top portion of the screen, enter the proper number , press (Control)+s, to save, click back to the terminal and run make and execute again, success. It almost seems too easy, I expect some pain with debugging and that is what makes it rewarding, when you stop banging you head on the wall.

ADDED: The matrix is working very well now and the above image is a solved array wher the thin reddish lines indicate paradoxical connections and the white lines indicate associated elements. This matrix and its methods in conjunction with a 2 dimensional imagination allows for some puzzles that may not be humanly solvable when used to devise puzzle hints, as such I will have a configuration option to enable this feature for entertainment only.Now I am focused on the finalization of save, help, and configure, along with packaging and auto configure for install to test for needed dev files for a source build. The image below , from a different solution, which shows paradoxical or impossible connections in dark red, may better demonstrate the visualization technique.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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