The age of secrets

I have given some serious thoughts to the consequences of "teleput" and "teleget". I am very confused now. As a preface, I was a chemist that did quantitative and qualitative analysis 40 some years ago when I was still in my teens. I recently took refresher courses in molecular genetics, biochemistry, chemical synthesis, cloning, and bio-informatics. In the process I used some familiar methods, and some new. It is possible to characterize a chemical by infrared absorption, NMR, optical rotation of polarized light, mass spectrometry, distillation, melting point, laser light, x-ray, chemical properties, reactivity, color, taste, odor, opacity, density, volatility, radioactivity, and on and on. So the amount of information that I can collect is quite a bit larger than Leonardo Da Vinci in his time.

I also understand electronics, computer design and programming. I can build a circuit from a few dollars worth of parts and receive and reconstruct many things from devices that emit EM energy.

So it was then, that some things were just mysteries to accept and live with the fact that not all things could be understood. Today we are creeping into an age where nothing will be hidden. In the near future it will be possible to see what is taking place anywhere in the world. This has profound consequences. There can be no secrets anymore. This has some very bizarre consequences for government and individuals. I know that some silly project named "Stargate" had a mission to do remote viewing and I am not talking about magic or slight of hand, I am speaking of technology, measurable, repeatable, constructible. What happens when everybody in the world knows exactly where everybody else is and what they are doing? You could say that it would be the end of crime, but my guess is that it is the beginning of something else. It seems to me that since I know this can be accomplished, the idea that governments can have power by concealing methods, motive and intent, is absurd. It seems like a child's game where people agree that one will be king and the others pretend to be slaves. It is just pretend. It cannot be accomplished in reality, without accepting a delusion. So it seems to me it is either an end of hidden things or the beginning of a self imposed delusion that goes on as long as the people remain willing to delude themselves.

I would much rather just make stuff and have fun finding the problems and then go on to the next thing I could create, but these things have consequences and to ignore the consequence is to ask for them. I want to know, but some things are not as much fun to know as others. I don't believe that I grasp the full import of this technology as yet. Look at Google, RFID, GPS, hidden cameras, camera phones, satellites, maps and the internet. It is a storm of information and it is so easy to extrapolate to fill in the blanks, just as it is. I would consider just one example and if you have an answer for this, you are smarter than I am. If I can remote view the entry to, or contents of, a secure system, how will they make it secure? I have no answer to that, and perhaps there is none.

This not my only worry, the factorial combination of these new technologies create even more bizarre consequence and I am beginning to be stunned by the strangeness of what is now possible.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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