Moses Code

I. Program shalt not cause SIGSEGV to happen in another program. II. Program shalt not use memory allocated to another process. III. Program shalt not return wrong values for variables. IV. Program shalt not have any Signal preclude SIGSEGV. V. Program shalt not malloc without corresponding free. VI. Program shalt not use an uninitialized variable. All programs that fail to hold these commandments will be made NULL.

And other numbers like 31:13-18. I doubt that would be considered steganographic. Perhaps it is just a not too subtle twist of words. I think that the lowest order bit of the background color of a section of a blog XML I saw, changed every hour at 10 minutes after the hour UCT , in a sequence that was 7N1 ASCII. The baud rate is low, about 21 bits per day, but it is fairly reliable communication. I suppose there about 10100 ways to hide things over time, but I am sure some government agency will eventually be funded to investigate them all. After funding the project for 10 billion years, a despotic bureaucrat in that year will determine that someone they dislike is guilty of an extremely complex steganographic terror attack and is to be hanged. It is then that the agency sees their future as labeling people that the state wishes to dispose of, as stegno-terrorists.

Oh please, thrash on you despotic maniacs, the radiation from the chaos you generate is like a warm fire and consumes you as well as your associates. I doubt the fire will ever burn out, but I think I shall avoid sticking my hand in that fire.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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