Alien Insect(AI)

I just like to come up with things that have AI as an acronym since I am doing AI solidly this week. The framework is complete and now it will run until comes up with something interesting. I am working on dealing with higher dimensions in a programming environment. I don't necessarily mean physical dimensions, but the dimensions of a problem and how those dimensions are handled and interact.Matrix calculation of linear equations is a good start, and it functions like a universal constructor in a limited set of operations and relationships. You can multiply, divide and add, subtract in any order or arrangement, but it requires something more to truly be a universal constructor framework IMHO. I don't know what that might be, but it is missing something. It has been nagging me since I grasped the concept and so I will pound on that a bit to see if I can identify what needs to be added.

I think UC or universal constructor will be my new target and interest for some time. I will have a new interactive element like AI which is the UC. Attempts at FSM and FSA seem all wrong, as they assume a separation or granularity in the universe that does not exist. I can place a piece of paper between two objects that are considered unconnected, but they are really not. It is a mathematical and logical construct that may simply have come from Aristotle or such that assumes "atomics" or individuality in the universe. It is a sum of interacting and infinite overlapping effect and is never just one thing.

What really brings this to mind is a solution I devised using mathematics. The foundational concept of math is isolated truth of anything. The problem with that is that it is possible to model math in the universe, but math does not model the universe. The math is a very bad analogy to apply to a system which is the factorial expansion of ∞ .

I suppose I have stepped outside the confines of ritual process into the nature of modeling which uses parallel methods, to at least take a bite out of those infinities, that is large enough to have meaning.

I am going to spend some serious time on WebGL, because I don't think this 2D level of communication is sufficient to impart concepts well.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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