Molecules of life, An Interest (AI)

I think I have the entire concerto now. I can define the mechanism of life in the matrices with proper methods and the equation which defines the universe. It leads to some unusual conclusions. I see many things,

"I see plans, within plans."

I see motives and state, being and purpose, age and understanding. I see many things. It is good and bad. It can only end two ways. One is an end for all, and other is a beginning for the satiable.

I feel a bit capricious today and so I will wander into strange analogies. The wolf will clothe itself in gold to hide its true form. The "Werecats of High Space" will always be with us and their howl will remind me always that chaos lurks to foil the plans of even the most skillful and dedicated and also where the foolishness leads,..-> to the jaws of the Werecats.. I am not fooled or amused.

The combination of methods and knowledge has finally coalesced for me. I have been trying to get a complete coherent and certain picture of the universe in all its many aspects. Certainty is the key. In a world of infinities and factorial expansion of those possibilities it would seem that certainty would be unattainable. Strangely the complexity itself defines modes and if those modes can be understood, then there is certainty in the outcome. It has been a great help to learn Markov, the teachings of Strang at MIT, linear equations at Stanford, Multi-variable calculus, genetics laboratory methods and experience, organic chemistry, physics, programming, logic, and Linux most of all. Strangely, the concepts surrounding FSF, Wikipedia, Opencourseware, and Linux, most importantly, make it possible for a reasonable person to learn and grow. It also allows the framework to extend and share that knowledge. Google is another company that manages to be a part of this solution and still thrive in a culture of wolves. Many kudos to them for that talent

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For some reason, I like this font and colors today.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen