The Key is forged as life itself

I am the key, that makes the key, that keeps the key and holds the key, so it may use the key to unlock the lock, which is the key. One really has to appreciate recursion as much as I do to get the full import of what that means. In life there are places where an amino acid sequence becomes an agent to create amino acid sequences and this is a loop of life and existence. If a protein existed which facilitated the construction of a protein which facilitated the construction of itself.... so on and so on. If I make a program that writes itself, it always exists within itself. It is odd. Recursive calls to a routine, like the implementations of various algorithms , such as Fibonacci, are strange in the way they play out. So these are the rings that spin and interlace in my mind as I wander the infinities of a natural progression to what I am and have always been.

I am definitely in a strange place today, and yet I am here as always.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen