Display Lists openGL

I couldn't get much simpler than this example at glprogramming but I managed to muck up a simple cut and paste test. I have done this many times before and I make and use display lists all the time. I will recount what I suffered in an example as simple as this. First of all there is this:

case `i':

The difference between above and below?

case 'i':

So it was changed to "look" pleasing I guess and left` and right' quotes were used. That is odd, IMHO

So next I compiled the list inside my program , and nothing displayed, even though I could run the compiled sample ( gcc gl.c -lGL -lglut -o gl ) after changing left quote to right quote. I was perplexed and changed every single variable I could think of and no display of the torus! I initialized the display list, recorded the number and played it back in a window. Nothing! The answer is :: I created the display list in the context of my main window and tried to use it when displaying the second window. DOH! I always feel so stupid, but only a tenth as sad, as when I find no solution at all.


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Automated Intelligence
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