Installing dual boot

I found this reference at Linux questions for the dd command which allows you to perform disk dumps and write over elements of a disk, so it is DANGEROUS , use with caution. What I am working on is a logical sequence of operation that deals with the partition ugliness created by Windews. There are 4 ( 16 byte ) elements in a partition table and if three are used and you need to create a swap and a boot partition for Linux, then the 4th element is made into an extended partition which points at another partition table of 4 elements.

I believe the problem arises when an extended partition is created and then a partition in the first level of partitioning is resized. The space is not applied in an extended partition, as they are a sequential series. It requires a little more convoluted logic to expand one of the extended elements to combine two and place the extra as a new element in the second level (or higher) of extension. It can be very complex logic to handle the factorial expansion of possibilities, but with a bit of caution it can be managed up to a specific complexity, and beyond that it can be considered an exercise for somebody who wants to check the level of boggle they can implement.

I created the graphical representation of partition trees using Inkscape and Gimp. It took about 3 minutes all together. I think I should have boxed the two levels of tables, but this is just a Q&D consideration of the issue and I need to consider if there is a simple algorithm that I can just give to the Ubuntu MOTU and perhaps they have already considered this. I would guess that someone has, but whether it is ready for prime time may be the issue. I would bet it will be seen as an auto in future installs.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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