Automatic Implimentation (AI) Einstein

The game einstein I have been playing with has been a fun thing to learn. Presently I am using three different Xwindows, which are can be moved and resized like any normal window. I have set up the interface to allow the application of complete sets of rule types with a single key for each type. I have sorted the horizontal effective rules to types as can be seen. When a rule is applied and it can have no further effect, it is -grayed out- using glBlend. There are puzzles that can be generated that I cannot solve, and yet the computer has done it. I have to investigate this further. I have discovered a logic rule that depends on reverse induction and the assumption that a completed solution is already determined which is convolved and needs a definition. Someday soon, I will do some Wff n Proof again.

I have also been playing with the sets from GNUbik game and the structure seems to resolve to a solution set that is less complex than the possible solutions to this puzzle. There were a few flaws in the program that I used as a base for the conversion to Xwindows and OpenGL. Strangely I had all the structure for setting window position, but had set the values to 0. That is now fixed. I also encountered some odd consequences of the complexities involved and my limited ability to deal with the factorial expansion of possibilities.

I have worked with scheme and I should have caught on that .scm files were the language derived from Lisp. The number of languages I study can confuse me at times. So, an interpreted language (or script) is read by the interpreter and applied. As simple as that seems, I have done this myself and it can take a lot of forms. It's just one of many ways to implement logic. I do want to see how the interpreter is implemented.

Strangely, my spell checker for the blog says that the word "interpretor" is a valid spelling and Google thinks it is not. I see that it is quite often used interchangeably on the web (interpreter / interpretor). IDK


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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