Vista viruses redux

I really shouldn't tell people how to fix Widews problems, but the offending app in this case is wow64.exe and exists in users\....\temp\wow64.exe and it was there and I looked around a bit and it plays with the registry and many other things and phones home to an ip. I am trying the Microsoft recommended fix, but I don't have much hope of it working. The time to install the windows fix software is longer than installing Ubuntu 9.04 and the problem is that there will be another virus in the computer soon enough anyway. I am obligated to remove the offending crap from the W partition just for the sake of my reputation. The app wow64.exe showed up in the running applications list when I did Ctl-Alt-Del. It is hard to say whether it is valid as it could have been "World of Warcraft" for all I knew. The best idea is just to install Ubuntu or another distro. It is a passable social engineering software and uses scare tactics like Microsoft does too. So that is the offending virus in this case , but there are millions more. I understand that the mean time to infection of a Windisease computer in the wild under risk is about 5 minutes, so if you are smart you will switch, if you want to waste your life removing viruses or paying somebody to do it for you, please yourself.

While doing this it found FakeCog and Alureon.BT and I don't know if these are separate viruses or part of this other infection, I guess I will see what happens. It is rebooting now. Strangely enough that removed the problem so I only wasted 3 hours finding a problem with something I don't recommend anybody use for this very reason, it is so easy to infect and it only takes one hole in a dam before it is just a pipe.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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