Opengl display lists

I was going to explain openGL display lists in detail, but it is too large a subject for light treatment. Mainly you create a list of addresses and colors and other stuff and then index that with another list. It uses different methods on the elements and so is very flexible, but rather confusing without a complete understanding of the process.

My goal is to create all of the proteins in their real form , with their method of action, based on the physics of the atom, which I now understand more clearly. I have come to realize that the spooky behavior of DNA and also proteins is inherent in the nature of the chemicals. It is not hard to understand that the center of the galaxy is pulled by our star from vast distance, and conversely. The effect is a result of each individual pull of the particles and as such every particle has influence in the entire universe and so it is infinite in its nature.

The odd thing is that DNA "knows" its complement from a great distance away. It is so obvious once you break the whole thing down in detail. So, the stuff of life is not just some random chemical combination, it has a character that derives from the very complex multidimensional nature of matter itself. The nature of chemical bonding as it is described in biochemistry or just inorganic chemistry implies a structure and function which is far less complex than the observable result. It was very obvious when I took organic again , that there are things going on that go far beyond the principles that are accepted as a complete description of chemical interaction. There is an oddness there that is far more than some simple combination of elements. The twists and convolution of matter itself are expressed in the product.

There are some things in the nature of being that seem to imply effects that would be in the realm of magic. I hesitate to even comment on that until I have a grasp of how that oddness could be characterized and measured. There is much more to be known and what is considered a nearly perfect scientific understanding of the universe, is a mere shadow of what is to be known, IMHO.

If I were in a whimsical mood , I would say that the "Werecats of High Space" are out on a prowl tonight on the ORDERS of the "Queen Angel of the Hidden Mind", but the cold weather puts a damper on my flights of fancy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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