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This is an primal example of the methods selection and implementation hierarchy. A procedure pushes up the conclusion of its process so that when a section is concluded it flows back to complete the section or action specified. The selection of method or procedure is a separate section. Once a procedure is created by arbitrary or directed construction it becomes an element of a library that the program itself has access to. I have experience with many procedures, library calls and procedures. The problem is that I could never remember or apply the contents of CPAN or any other collection of methods. The constructor may not be able to perfectly select the proper method to solve a task without some thrashing, but it is quite easy for me to select a final product from a set of constructed possible solutions. I can then certify for the program, that this is in fact a useful application in this context.

Much of this logic is not new and perhaps if I searched, I would find someone doing exactly the same thing. It isn't done for itself, it is done so I can apply it to the mitochondrial OS and as such my goals would likely be different and what might be neglected as inconsequential in a generic self generating framework, would be critical to me.

Implementation in this way allows me control of some exclusions and additions that might arise due to errors detected.

#include "HelloMe.h" enum { mathVariablesStart, mathVariablesComplete \ ,newProcedure, useProcedure\ ,doneProgram, ifStart, ifEnd\ ,caseStart, caseEnd, whileStart\ ,whileEnd, forStart, forEnd}; int method_Variable(sourceStructure *SourceStructure) { int i; i=SourceStructure->method; SourceStructure->methodList[SourceStructure->stackPtr]=mathVariablesComplete; SourceStructure->stackPtr++; return i; } int method_selected(sourceStructure *SourceStructure) { int i,j; i=SourceStructure->method; j=0; switch (i) { case mathVariablesStart: method_Variable(SourceStructure); j=1;break; <SNIP> default: j=0;break; } return j; }

Perhaps this is what I should aim at?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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