Strange universe with emergence

In all the universe, the flow of information moves from every particle in the universe to every other particle. It means that in any given second, a minimum of, 10^150 bits of information moves through our bodies. It isn't conjecture or theory, it is just the consequence of the existence of gravity and electrical fields themselves. The information is in the form of "I am here." and the response is "I see." and  "I am here.". The universe is quite a bit more complex than most people are willing to consider. Even in the span of a simple change in some software that operates vastly higher than the level of quantum uncertainty, it is easy to miss secondary, tertiary, and more effects that can proceed. Factorial combinations of changes can easily overwhelm the ability of the mind to cope with change.

It is not unreasonable to assume that intelligence is the real power in the universe. Force, destruction, torture, and containment are useless in a system that is as complex and changing as the vast extent of space. I see patterns in the structure of the universe and it is fairly obvious that what we consider so great and advanced is less than a blink in a starless universe. The knowledge that flows from everything in the universe and is registered by every other thing in the universe cannot be contained by any method presently known. I seriously doubt that it can ever be contained, due to the fact that the universe exists in a state of symmetry which stems from the fact that for every action, there is a reaction. This parity and conservation is inherent in the universe and like momentum, cannot be destroyed.

These kind of complexities combine in factorial methods and I am wondering at what point a system that is being, becomes emergent above the limit of resolution.

I couldn't add an image to the last post due to some complication, local or remote, and so I added it here. It shows the changes I am making to the icons for the puzzle game. I am using gimp, convert, ImageMagic, Inkscape, and Blender to produce some new images that I hope will make the game more interesting and playable. You can see that the textures are quite a bit more elegant and make the game look more professional. I am just doing it for fun, it is fun to learn and apply what I learn, and so the purpose is achieved. It is a strange universe and I don't need a billion dollar telescope to see that α-Centauri says "I am here." and reply "I see." and "I am here.".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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