Strange cousin of invention

I use the kate editor quite a bit and one of the odd things that happen is that I move some source that I was testing and it remains in a session. I wanted to have a little icon that indicated that the files were empty and so I got the kde source and found this in the source:

const QPixmap *KateFileListItem::pixmap ( int column ) const { if ( column == 0) { static QPixmap noPm = SmallIcon ("null"); static QPixmap modPm = SmallIcon("modified"); static QPixmap discPm = SmallIcon("modonhd"); static QPixmap modmodPm = SmallIcon("modmod"); const KateDocumentInfo *info = KateDocManager::self()->documentInfo(doc);

So I am going to add a 16x16 icon for an empty file and a test for it when the file list is refreshed.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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