The Google Game

I had some images of the new puzzle pieces generated with Inkscape, Blender and ImageMagick, but it seems tha I can't upload images right now so I will add them later.

I have been working on matrices, puzzles, logic, programming,elvi, wget, etc. and I realized that I could make a program that was a real world puzzle. The game is to use Google and others to move internet traffic for any number of purposes including simple boredom, vanity, advertising, fame, money and power. People take advantage of loop holes in the structure of the internet to achieve their results and it is a situation similar to the game I have been analyzing. I use my Google pages for the purpose it was intended, which is to have a kind of personal newspaper that represents my thoughts and interests. To make it clear, the game would be to identify the methods of a spammer and also identify the location and associated person. I wouldn't use the techniques to manipulate the system, merely to identify the methods at work.

So I can make a game that identifies the relationships in space, sets, time, and motive to determine a coherent puzzle solution that identifies the relationships, motives and position of the elements. The same kind of logic and methods apply to this problem and it has a larger scale, but it would seem that solving it would be much more fun than playing a game that I can automate to solve a million games a second with just a standard computer and billions of games per second with a FPGA or other gate array.

There is some Interpol, KGB, and NSA software that does something similar to this, I would guess. I doubt that it is open source though.

I remembered my Unicode from last year about this time and got a surprise about unintended consequences. I added some page CSS that formatted the text and indented paragraphs. It happened to mess with the visual accuracy of one of the elements at the link and so I fixed that, but oddly I would never have thought about how a global change would affect my blog globally. I suppose is it a limitation on my ability to imagine or consider forward consequence of any act.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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