When farenheit meets celcius

Farenheit ℉ met Celcius ℃ yesterday. F = C• 9/5 +32 -and- C= (F-32) • 5/9 , so -40 substituted is F = -40 • 9/5 + 32 and C = (-40-32) • 5/9. Which is -360/5 + 32 and -360/9 , which is -72 +32 and -40, which is -40 and -40...

It is warmer today but they met yesterday and it was nasty. Along with the wind , the difference between 98.6 and -40 was immediately noticeable as the kinetic energy in my body leaked like a sieve when faced with such a large differential of relative momentum. I am guessing that my body could not produce heat faster than it was lost to the atmospheric conditions. :)

In the process of thinking and investigating this I discovered that Unicode ℉ is degrees F and Unicode ℃ is degrees C. I fiddled with some other codes and there are a lot of them I don't know.I suppose I will wander down that alley for a while and see what is there.

That is so cool!

New. <ADDED:> The XML that controls the pages has bitten me here and indentation of the first item in a paragraph changed the look of this. Adding this text should fix that. I probably should look through all the old posts and see if my paragraph formatting has done something else odd. </ADDED:>
│ BOX │
This is done with 2500 to 257f
Unicode box drawing!
A good ℹ = information source upside down F=ⅎ smile=⌣ frown=⌢
This is weird!
smile and frown ☺ ☹
Chess ♚
Music ੭
Dice ⚂
Peace ☮
⍰ ⍣ीुਬ ⚓
I had absolutely no idea I could do Unicode smilys!!!
I feel like an idiot again, so I must be getting smarter. ⚔

And now even smarter still, this next year.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen