Science fiction to fact

The rate at which science fiction becomes fact seems to increase every year and people look at Moore's law to establish a basis of the advance in science and that is just one piece in a mosaic of things which advance every day. The significance of computing power is unquestionable, but other things are starting to have similar impact. I saw that somebody has come up with a device that can decode a DNA sequence from a single strand of DNA in real time at a cost of about 100$ and the device could be smaller than a phone. I wrote a mini science fiction story a few months back about the police scanning a crime scene for all the DNA present and its age. I would guess that this would be possible in the near future and become routine.

I suspect that with a sniffer like this, a bloodhound would be obsolete, as you could follow a trail of DNA from somebody anywhere. I find it hard to believe that a terrorist could live in seclusion without technology and find a way to conceal the continuous flow of DNA information from their bodies.

The idea of being anonymous or unknown to the world is not something that will exist in the future. We will have to develop a new way to deal with the fact that from birth to death, what we do, will determine how we are perceived by the other inhabitants of this tiny outpost in the infinite sea of space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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