Slime that thinks

This reference at Wikipedia was mentioned at arxiv and I have mentioned the fact that amoeba act with intelligence as hunters and it is no mean feat to solve what appear to be simple algorithms, "when death is on the line", or in this case eternal death for the organism that fails. That reminds me of "Princess Bride" and the Sicilian and at this link to youtube .

Intelligence in operation is poorly defined and probably that is true because what may be intelligent in one situation is stupid in another. The application must be appropriate for its environment and beyond that the utility is lost. The idea of AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is possible, but that is not universal intelligence. It would seem that a specialized intelligence would win in a specific situation and an attempt to have a device which was dominant in all scenarios would be doomed by the complexity it would require to achieve such global effectiveness.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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