Making an OS

This is a screenshot from an application I developed and I had to trim it so that the company name was removed. I just wonder sometimes, as this was done completely in assembly and uses openGL through windows and interfaces several device drivers, including a video device. It also calls DLLs directly and uses COM interfaces. It was a monumental task and took several months to complete and then was thrown away. I always liked it and thought it was elegant. I certainly spent enough time on the structure of it and it was able to analyze in 3 dimensions and perfom many different mathematical operations on complex data sets. I think I could have written Blender in the same time, as it incorporates almost every feature of blender, except the large import export repertoire.

Even though this looks quite elegant and complex, I have developed a lot of skills since then and the knowledge of other sciences is very helpful in programming at times. Many methods and concepts can be applied across specialties. It is a great advantage to deal in so many sciences, but it is a serious amount of continuous work.

I was looking at the history of the Bose-Einstein condensate and it seems that I would have had a very different opinion of that process, if I had learned it "cold". (Accidental pun) It is perhaps the Newtonian view of centers of force and the Aristotlian view of the world of tiny indestructible, isolated little atoms that are the basis of all things. It seems odd to me as the effect of an object is everywhere and thus the isolation of something, anything, is impossible. It seems to me that the state of the condensate and q-bits is merely a condition in which the properties which are always there become dominant. I have a much better grasp of quantum computing and that will certainly be a big field in the future and strangely it was 80 years ago that it was first studied and defined by Bose and that is a long time to see the consequence of such a remarkable fact.

USB is a focus I am keeping, but the scope of investigation has enlarged to look at the specifications and overall intent of the standards and how they are integrated with Linux and other OS systems.

This is another part of the OS pages and I will not explain what it is doing and I am sure if a person understands the names they will know exactly what is happening there :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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